GOP Governors Join Forces With The National Guard To Bring Biden Down

This week, Joe Biden admitted there was no “federal solution” to COVID. Yet for months, he’s pushed radical mandates that trample our constitutional liberties and risk millions of jobs. He’s even targeted specific groups with unique mandates, including government workers, health care professionals, and the military.

Many of his mandates have been challenged in court. The outcome of these cases have yet to be seen. But Republican leaders refuse to sit back and let the administration walk all over their states. They have sued the federal government over its mandates against health care workers and contractors. And a growing number of governors number are opposing his mandate for the National Guard.

Republican governors increasingly are resisting a Pentagon-issued COVID-19 vaccine mandate that seven state leaders now say cannot be imposed on their National Guard troops.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is the latest state executive to tell the Pentagon that it does not have the authority to impose the controversial mandate on state-controlled troops. Others include Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, and Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts – along with the first to rebel, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. [Source: Just the News]

Currently, eight Republican governors have written to the Pentagon, announcing they will not enforce its vaccine mandate for their guardsmen. Oklahoma Gov. Stitt called out the administration and its politically-driven military leaders, saying it was “irresponsible” for the government to issue this mandate, saying it would limit the number of guardsmen available.

It seems the Pentagon, along with Biden, is trying to do just that. Biden and his administration must have known that their mandates would not work. They would, instead, result in the mass firings of many individuals. For the Pentagon to issue a mandate against guardsmen suggests they wanted to reduce the number of troops available intentionally.

Why would they do this? It’s hard to say. We know this Pentagon has been devastated by bogus political agendas. Biden’s secretary of defense has from the start pushed conspiracy theories that “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” are lurking in our Armed Forces. This seemed to be a Soviet-style ploy to get conservatives out of the military.

All so Biden could reshape our Armed Forces to be as radically left-wing as the rest of his government. It is probably no different with this vaccine mandate. Democrats are all on board with blindly following these mandates like good little sheep. But conservatives value their liberty above COVID fears.

So, perhaps Biden is trying to punish his political opposition by depriving them of jobs? Or, he wants conservative states to lack the soldiers they need, when emergencies arise. Regardless of the reason, at least eight of our Republican governors are fighting back. Don’t be surprised to learn that more will join them.

Author: Peter Jones