Biden Loses His Last Remaining Supporters After This Betrayal

Swedish liberal activist Greta Thunberg has openly questioned the ability of President Joe Biden to be a real leader in the worldwide response to climate change, according to her new interview this week.

“I mean, it is strange that people see President Biden as the leader for climate when you see what his White House is doing,” Thunberg said to KK Ottesen during her interview with The Washington Post.

Thunberg, who back in 2020 supported Biden as presidential material, made these remarks in response to Ottesen asking her if “any of the world leaders, for example President Biden,” inspired her.

“Why Is the United States Doing That?”

The teen climate-change personality said that under the Biden White House, the nation is “actually increasing fossil fuel infrastructure,” the Post said. “Why is the United States doing that? It should not fall to teenagers who only want to bring awareness and to let people know that we are really facing an emergency,” Thunberg stated.

She then said that what, according to her, is the right way for leaders to deal with the climate “emergency.”

“First of all, we need to understand what is the emergency. We are trying to find the solution to the crisis that we do not understand. For example, in my country of Sweden, we ignore — we do not even include over two-thirds of our real emissions. How can we solve this crisis if we ignore over two-thirds of it? So it is all about the narrative.” the 18-year-old liberal activist said.

“Vote #Biden”

Thunberg was among the international names endorsing Joe Biden during his presidential run. She said in an Oct. 2020 tweet, before the American presidential election, that “I never engaged in party politics. But the upcoming United States elections is above all that.”

“From a climate perspective, it is not enough by far and many of you supported other candidates. But, I mean… damn! Everyone should go and vote for Biden,” Thunberg said.

The Selling Point

Climate change was among the main selling points for the Biden-Harris campaign back in 2020. During his campaign, Joe Biden promised to start a “Clean Energy Revolution” through many regulatory actions intended to make the U.S. “a 100% clean energy economy and net-zero emissions.”

Author: Blake Ambrose