China Caught Lying About Their Coronavirus Numbers

The venerable news outlet called the South China Morning Post said this week that “so far China has reported nine coronavirus cases caused by the omicron variant, and this includes two who were infected by one man returning from Canada.”

The U.S. is now averaging around 235,000 cases each day, and in the most recent CDC report, almost 60% of fresh omicron cases. Assuming the accuracy of the figures, the United States is currently averaging around 140,000 Omicron cases each day, and China, with five times greater population, is averaging only one omicron case each day. Yes, one.

While the numbers in America are not totally accurate — people with positive at-home tests do not always notify doctors, and many people are asymptomatic and unaware they have the virus — official Chinese numbers are preposterous.

Yes, the Chinese authorities had city-wide lockdowns and forced people’s homes shut, but it is implausible that a very contagious virus in every other nation suddenly became very innocuous upon getting to China.

Recently, covid cases skyrocketed in close by nations like Laos and Vietnam.

But many world public health officials and diplomats ignored Beijing’s lies because they believed that ignoring this dishonesty will make the communist government more honest.

The Economist recently worked to ascertain the pandemic’s real death toll.

They estimated that China had close to 2 million excess deaths when compared to the “normal” trend. This number is 17,000% over the official Chinese death number of around 4,600.

The Chinese people were living with much more exposure to Covid-19 than their leaders will admit. That’s sad but could be good news eventually, as there will be more people with natural immunity than the official numbers suggest.

We continue to be given lies to cover up the failures of Chinese leaders and we should push back.

And yet, because America is not boycotting the upcoming China Olympics, our athletes will easily catch the virus while there in Beijing. And if there are fresh variants emerging in the country, will the communist government inform us before it’s too late?

Aren’t you happy that corporations like Google and Nike are honoring the nation that gave the world COVID-19 and is now committing genocide with yet another propaganda push?

Author: Blake Ambrose