Trump Makes a List and Checks It Twice – Here’s All Of Biden’s Failures This Year

Despite a social media blackout and ongoing slander from the press, Donald Trump continues to dominate the political conversation. Rumors of a 2024 run continue to swirl, but the 45th president isn’t waiting until then to have a tremendous impact on our nation.

He previously vowed to help Republicans retake Congress in 2022. Candidates he endorsed for special elections won over the year. He has spoken at numerous events, even returning to his legendary rallies. And he plans on releasing a social media app next year, which is sure to rival major platforms.

Now, his Save America SuperPAC is hitting Biden right where it hurts: his “accomplishments.”

Former President Donald Trump’s website, Save America, released a blistering review of President Joe Biden’s first year in office late Wednesday evening, slamming the president for a series of “cascading catastrophes.”

“In one year, Biden has caused a border crisis, an energy crisis, an inflation crisis, a labor crisis, a supply chain crisis, and a violent crime crisis—all while pushing the most radical left-wing agenda in history,” Save America states.

Save America also labeled Biden the most “anti-worker, anti-family, anti-America president ever,” before delving into the dozens of reasons why. [Source: Daily Wire]

Trump’s Save America listed the shocking number of failures Biden is responsible for in just one year. It states that Biden “inherited” a stable economy and a country “poised to flourish.” Yet “it took less than 12 months” for Biden’s broken administration to ruin it all.

The article slams Biden and his “record low” approval ratings. Biden will end the year with an approval around 36%, one of the worst we’ve ever seen, especially for a Democrat. Trump goes into great detail listing the many problems that Biden helped create, including inflation, the energy crisis, the worker shortage, and the out-of-control crime in blue cities.

Trump even slams Biden and his “Radical Democrat Party” over the CRT controversy and “shoving” male athletes onto women’s sports teams. He brought up the removal of statues across the country and attempts by Congress to pass drastic election changes.

And, of course, he hit Biden over his attempt to pass a socialist spending bill that would cost America over $5 trillion.

The release is quite extensive, going into the damage Biden’s caused to regular Americans. It outlines how the inflation and other economic crises is hurting middle class Americans and workers. Trump does not hold back as he hammers Biden’s epically devastating record on major issues.

And to sum it all up, Trump reminds the country “it’s all happening exactly” as he predicted last year.

If Biden was trying to help Trump and the GOP, he couldn’t be doing a better job. Biden has done nothing tangible to help America. Most believe we are headed in the wrong direction. Many polls reveal Americans think they are worse off than they were a year ago.

Biden can blame the pandemic all he wants, but the facts are the facts. He is responsible for this shocking level of failure. Trump is merely pointing it out. And heavy consequences are going to come to him and his party.

Author: Thomas Jones