AOC Gets An Embarrassing Reality Check After Attacking Conservatives For This

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat-N.Y.) triggered a social media frenzy on New Year’s Eve after she said that her GOP critics are “mad they cannot date me” and accused them of “projecting their own sexual frustrations” onto her boyfriend.

Ocasio-Cortez faced an online backlash recently after she was seen vacationing in Florida while her supporters in NY City fought skyrocketing COVID-19 cases.

National Review said:

“Ocasio-Cortez was seen dining in Miami Beach according to a news tip received by the National Review, on this same day, her home New York City had a record amount of Covid-19 cases.”

“Photos gotten by National Review reveal Ocasio-Cortez seated outside Izakaya and Doraku Sushi in Miami Beach in the afternoon, raising her cocktail in one and looking at her phone in the other.”

How did AOC reply?

The NY Democrat replied by claiming her Republican critics were “creepy weirdos” who need therapy to deal with their “deranged sexual frustrations.”

“If conservatives are mad they cannot date me they can just say this instead of projecting their weird sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend,” Ocasio-Cortez stated. “Ya creepy weirdos.”

“It is starting to get old ignoring the very strange sexual frustrations that underpin the GOP fixation on me, women, and LGBT in general,” she said. “These people obviously need therapy, won’t do it, and use politics instead. It is very weird.”

What was the online response?

Ocasio-Cortez was slammed with a fast reality check.

No, critics were not condemning her vacation to Florida because they want to take her on a date. Instead, Ocasio-Cortez’s little trip to the red-state of Florida exposed her hypocrisy, critics say. Critics also stress that her reply to the backlash was “very narcissistic.”

“Do you know how very arrogant AOC is to assume that all men think she is attractive?” Daily Wire editor Ian Haworth asked.

“Bold move… when some people disagree with my positions or say that I am a hypocrite, I tell them they just want to f*** me too,” comedian Tim Young replied.

“People are focused on you for being a hypocritical socialist vaccine mandate-ho while vacationing in the red state of Florida. You are just terrible as a person and as a public servant. That is really the extent of it,” political commentator Dave Rubin stated.

“There is a defense and then there’s this,” Noam Blum said.

Author: Scott Dowdy