Supreme Court Justice Has Enough Of Power-Mad Democrats

Chief Justice John Roberts of the United States Supreme Court blasted the attempts to push “inappropriate political influence” within his year-end report, as President Biden and the Dems consider ideas to pack or expand the Court with liberals.

“The Judiciary’s ability to manage its own affairs protects the courts from inappropriate influence is important to preserve public trust in the work it does as a separate government branch,” Roberts said in his 2021 report.

Roberts defended the independence of the court in the past too, most notably in 2020, when Chuck Schumer who was then-Senate Minority Leader threatened that justices would “pay the price” if they ruled wrongly on abortion.

That was only the newest in Chuck Schumer’s attacks on the High Court — Roberts said: “Justices understand that criticism is normal, but threatening comments of this type from the highest areas of government were not only not appropriate but also dangerous.”

Now, with a ruling coming soon in Dobbs. v. Jackson Women’s Health, which might reverse the High Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade (1973), with oral arguments January 7 on Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates, and with Dems upset that Joe Biden’s court-packing commission would not push forward with radical changes, Roberts has given a warning against any political intervention.

In his report, Justice Roberts also dealt with the topic of judicial recusal, after reporting in 2021 by the WSJ that over 130 federal judges had unlawfully not recused themselves from such cases in which they had a financial stake. He also spoke of judicial misconduct and the issue of assigning patent cases within the the federal court system.

In 2021, Roberts notably would not preside over the Democrats’ second impeachment against Trump, who had already been out office by the time the Senate accepted the trial. He also pushed back on then-President Trump’s use of the phrase “Obama judge” in 2018, saying there were no “Obama judges or Trump judges, or Bush judges.”

This comes at a time when Democrats are increasingly working to influence and attack the supreme court with everything they have and from every angle.

Author: Steven Sinclaire