Pelosi’s 2022 Gets Bleaker As Another Democrat Announces Retirement

Democrats have a very bad 2022 to look forward to. Last year, they had a chance to prove to Americans that they could run the country better than the GOP and Trump. But what did they do? They sat back and let Joe Biden turn us into a laughing stock. They did nothing to check his terrible decisions. And worse, they were only concerned with passing a bloated spending bill that ended up dying in the Senate.

Meanwhile, inflation, fuel costs, a supply chain crisis, and more shook the nation. All signs point to Democrats losing the House after the 2022 elections. Seeing their demise coming, twenty-three Democrats already announced they were not running for reelection, turning “safe” seats into toss-ups. Now, yet another member of Congress is abandoning ship, making it even harder for old Nancy Pelosi.

Longtime Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush (IL) will reportedly not seek reelection, further putting doubt on the House Democrats’ ability to keep the slimming majority after the midterm in less than a year…

Rush’s retirement makes him the twenty-fourth Democrat to announce an exit from the House at the end of this year, potentially putting more strain on the House Democrats, along with their committee, the Democrat National Campaign Committee (DCCC), to keep the majority in the House after the midterms as droves of Democrats move on from the House. [Source: Breitbart]

Pelosi will be losing one of her closest yes-men, former Black Panther and leftist, Bobby Rush. Rep. Rush apparently voted with Pelosi 100% of the time, proving he was merely a mindless rubber stamp for the party’s agenda. Losing him means another seat will be open, making it harder for Democrats to maintain their majority.

Currently, they only have a slim edge over Republicans, just a handful of seats. The more Democrats who decide not to run for reelection puts that small majority in greater jeopardy. Meanwhile, the GOP is working overtime to raise money and recruit candidates. They are capitalizing on the growing resentment Americans feel over Democrat leadership.

We’ve seen far-left progressives hurt their own party. Many moderate Democrats running in swing districts lost in 2020 because voters were turned off by the radical policies of people like AOC. This has caused a growing rift within the party, which will no doubt get worse as we approach November.

Pelosi has done nothing to check the insane agenda of progressives. She is unwilling to find middle ground to help moderate Democrats. This isn’t going over well in parts of the country outside New York and Portland. Americans sick and tired of Biden’s socialist agenda will gladly replace Democrat congress members with conservatives.

It doesn’t even seem like Pelosi wants to fight for her party. She continues to sit back and give up ground to people who have no idea how to lead. The far left is out of touch with America, doesn’t even know the first thing about our democracy, and even supports moves that violate our Constitution.

That’s not a winning strategy, no matter how you slice it.

Author: Peter Smith