Manchin Makes Doubly Sure That Biden’s Spending Bill Is Dead In The Water

Democrats scrambled to get Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending bill passed by the end of 2021. This bloated, massive spending bill would have put millions of Americans on welfare and raised taxes for most workers. But it failed because progressive Democrats refused to budge as Sen. Joe Manchin demanded compromise. Without his vote, the measure would not pass in the Senate.

There was some talk that it would reemerge at the beginning of this year. And, as if on cue, unnamed “sources” claimed Manchin was negotiating with the White House to get this spending package through. After stonewalling the bill for a year, suddenly now Manchin is willing to bend? Sounds pretty fishy, if you ask me. And the senator himself agrees.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has once again killed President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, telling reporters on Tuesday that it’s deader than ever.

While the establishment media reported Sunday from two confirmed sources that Manchin was resuming negotiations on Biden’s $1.9 trillion reconciliation package, the West Virginia senior told reporters the massive tax and spend plan was still dead.

“I’m not agreeing to any of this,” Manchin said about changes to the package the media reported. “There’s been no conversations” with the White House.

Manchin reiterated his December position: “I feel as strongly today as I did then.” [Source: Breitbart]

Not only did Manchin say he is still opposed to Biden’s socialist spending bill, but he revealed no negotiations are going on. He has had no conservations with the White House. It appears the BBB bill is just as dead as it was in December. So, why were people claiming talks were going on?

Was it just the liberal media trying to stir the pot? If so, that is truly despicable, even for them. The media’s job is to report on what is happening in Washington. But claiming negotiations were going on, in the hopes of actually getting this bill pass, oversteps their bounds. The media is trying to influence the legislative process, an ugly and un-American move. But it’s par for the course for our broken, crooked MSM.

It’s also possible that these “sources” were Democrat aides trying to push Manchin. We’ve seen liberal activists try to bully and coerce Manchin and other senators into obeying their will. A crowd of thugs even harassed Manchin while he was trying to drive out of a parking garage. Would the same people stoop to spreading lies, just to get the guy to play ball? Why not?

The whole episode is another example of what the left will do it push its agenda. They would even try playing tricks on one of their party members, just to force the issue. But clearly, Manchin isn’t taking the bait. He said he is as “strongly” opposed to Biden’s radical bill today as he was last month. And no amount of rumors and jockeying from the media appears to be changing that.

Author: Samuel Peterson