Republican Makes An Engenius Move To Stop Censorship

Texas GOP Rep. Troy Nehls has submitted Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast with the creator of the mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone, to the U.S. Congressional Record this week after it was removed from YouTube, saying the move will prevent it from being censored.

“Today, I gave the transcript from the episode with Dr. Robert Malone to the U.S. Congressional Record,” Nehls, who is also a medical doctor, said via Twitter.

“Big tech wants to prevent your ability to get this information- but they can’t censor our Congressional Record,” he said.

Nehls also published the complete episode transcript on his own congressional webpage.

“By deplatforming Dr. Malone for having opposition and removing this interview, YouTube and Twitter are once again proving they work for big Pharma, the media, and the elites, instead of their users” Nehls said in a comment.

“When we move away from our core ideas of freedom of speech, expression, debate, democracy is gone. Today, I sent the transcript of the Joe Rogan podcast number 1757 into the Congressional Record to protect the podcast forever. Big Tech might be able to censor the information on their own tech platforms, but they can’t censor the U.S. Congressional Record,” he said.

His comment also mentioned Malone as “a well published mRNA vaccine expert who went to the Joe Rogan Experience to talk about the COVID-19 vaccine.”

YouTube reportedly removed footage of the podcast that was posted this past Friday.

“This video was removed for breaking YouTube’s Community Guidelines,” now shows at the URL where the episode was previously available.

“During this interview, Malone, who says he was involved with the collaboration that created the mRNA technology widely used inside the COVID-19 vaccines, talked about mandates, vaccines, amongst other pandemic topics,” the Post Millennial said.

Rogan invited Dr. Malone onto his show after the doctor was removed from Twitter just last week over the data he shared about the coronavirus.

This Sunday, Rogan invited his followers on Twitter to follow him as he move to the free speech platform Gettr. “Join me on GETTR,” he said on Twitter.

Author: Blake Ambrose