Democrats Are Playing Right Into The Hands Of Republicans, And It Will Cost Them Dearly

Florida GOP outnumber registered Dems for the first time in that state’s history, as Blue State Coronavirus refugees vote for the Big R on their election registrations.

Twitter user TimDCpolitico looked at Florida’s election rolls from 2020 and compared them to the new figures. The results, he says, are “stunning,” and I cannot think of any better word to describe them.

Out of the 14 million registered voters, just last year Democrats had the edge with around 37.38% of registrations compared to the Republicans’ 35.28%. (The next four million or so — about 26% — were independents or in minor parties.)

Dems had a two-point advantage, but higher GOP turnout has made the state very safely red in the past two presidential elections.

The county-by-county map shows the Republicans now have a slight lead in voter registrations, having gained over a quarter of a million party members in only the past nine months.

66 out of Florida’s 67 counties shifted towards team red. Three hardcore Dem counties — Broward, Madison, and Jefferson — might in some places be considered new battlegrounds that Democrats will have to defend.

A fourth, Calhoun, went from very blue to light red.

That is impressive.

What should have Dems strapping on a pair of very Absorbent Depends is that they lost over 50,000 registrations in this same time frame — even as the state’s population grew.

Florida is the seventh fastest growing state in the nation and the second fastest growing big state (after Texas, of course). The state has become such a popular one that it is even the preferred destination of far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when she wants to enjoy the freedom she keeps from her own constituents.

I cannot think of another swing of this scale towards the Republican party in such a small time frame, and certainly not in a state as big as Florida.

I can think of a great reason for the swing: The solid governance of GOP Governor Ron DeSantis and his refusal to bend the knee to the wokeists or to the coronavirus cultists.

Author: Steven Sinclaire