New COVID Data Proves Biden Has No Idea What He’s Talking About

We all know the truth. Biden didn’t push his radical, unconstitutional vaccine mandates because he was so worried about the spread of the disease. He did it, because he wanted to set a precedent for future presidents. If he got away with forcing Americans to choose between their jobs and their liberties, then another president could take it even further. Citing any kind of “crisis,” a future liberal president could suspend our free speech, gun rights, or more.

Yet Biden has continued to treat unvaccinated Americans like second-class citizens. The bigotry has gotten so bad that, in some parts of the country, vaccinated people won’t even associate with the unvaccinated. They have ended friendships over this nonsense. Yet it appears the facts don’t endorse this kind of hysteria. Because recent studies about the latest variant appear to blow Joe’s claims out of the water.

President Biden’s oft-repeated belief that COVID-19 remains a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is running headlong into global data on the real-world performance of vaccines against the Omicron variant, which the CDC estimates now accounts for 19 in 20 U.S. infections.

A new study by Ontario, Canada’s public health agency and health researchers at Canadian universities found that two-dose mRNA vaccines are “not protective against” the new variant, while the booster shot only improves effectiveness to 37% seven or more days later. [Source: Just the News]

According to research, vaccines were 93% effective against the previous “Delta” variant, which now only makes up a fraction of COVID infections in America. It appears Omicron is much more contagious, but much less dangerous. From all appearances, it is similar to the common cold for most people. That is actually good news, since—according to one Danish researcher—it will spread faster and provide immunity, ending the so-called pandemic.

But the facts don’t bear with Biden’s hateful propaganda. This latest strain has been infecting even “boosted” people. In fact, Omicron cases are more likely to be “two-dose vaccinated” adults. Meaning Biden’s attacks against unvaccinated Americans were totally unfounded and disgraceful.

Does Biden ever think before he opens his mouth? Clearly not. Nor do the people who write his statements and speeches ever consider the drastic consequences of their partisan, divisive, and uninformed communications. Biden and his staff were only interested in being “different” from the Trump administration.

Nothing they did or do is founded on facts or basic common sense. They just looked at the previous administration and did the opposite. Did Donald Trump delegate authority on the virus to the states? Then Biden will act like a dictator. Did Trump secure the border so potentially sick migrants can’t enter the U.S.? Then Biden will open the border!

Did Trump simply encourage Americans to get vaccinated? Then Biden will threaten the jobs of 100 million+ Americans, like some kind of deranged maniac.

Nothing that the Biden administration’s done over the last year makes any sense. Attacking Americans for simply not wanting a vaccinated is ludicrous. Now, we know his claims don’t even add up with the science.

Author: Paul Jones