Ted Cruz Dishes Out The Ultimate Betrayal To Conservatives

Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) has echoed Dem talking points in the United States Senate today, saying that the heroic protesters for election integrity are “terrorists” because they mostly-peaceful protest that happened at the United States Capitol on January 6.

“We are approaching the solemn anniversary. And it is the anniversary of a terrorist assault on the capitol,” he stated.

“It is also worth noting … What might have prevented the break in at the Capitol? What might have prevented the riot from going as far as it did?” Cruz said, apparently arguing for the increase of the federal police state in reply to January 6.

Cruz’s terrible words can be heard here:

This comes after the recent betrayal by Ted Cruz in which the self-serving RINO rolled over far-leftists to be appointed to the Biden White House in order to put sanctions against Russia at the order of his special interest overlords, as we have reported on:

“Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) has officially given in to the Joe Biden regime, removing the holds on the radical Biden appointees and allowing the far-left extremists to take over American policy.”

“And it did not even take 30 silver pieces to get Cruz to give in. All it took was Joe Biden and Dems agreeing to a sanctions vote on the oil pipeline that is thousands of miles from the land of the United States.”

“Cruz removed more than 30 of his holds after hidden negotiations with Senate Dems last weekend. This is because Ted Cruz cares more about punishing corporations connected to the $11 billion pipeline between Germany and Russia than putting America First. Because of this, dozens of people described by Cruz as far-left “extremists” are now in the White House…”

We have reported on how Ted Cruz intends to undercut President Trump in 2024 and attempt to become the GOP presidential nominee.

Cruz is giving support to a liberal witch hunt that is leading to patriots being treated like terrorists, all to go along with his large presidential ambitions. This RINO traitor is an enemy to the people and to the rule of law and a very dangerous fifth column member seeking to undermine the MAGA and America First Republican party from within.

Author: Blake Ambrose