Democrats Are So Obsessed With Trump, They Forgot All About The 2022 Elections

You gotta hand it to Democrats. They really know how to miss the point. A crucial midterm election cycle is just a few months away. The fate of our Congress is at stake. Every House seat is up for reelection—and numerous senators have to fight for their jobs. Democrats enjoy a slim majority right now—but they’ll have to work very hard to convince voters why they should keep them in office.

But they have an uphill battle waiting for them. Under Joe Biden and Democratic leadership, America’s economy has entered a tailspin. They passed laws that triggered runaway inflation. Congress sat back and let Biden issue job-killing policies, cripple our energy sector, and hamper our manufacturing. Democrats are determined to pass radical legislation that would raise taxes on working Americans and give bailouts to the rich.

And according to recent polls, the economy will be the issue come November.

According to Gallup, the economy, inflation and jobs top the list of issues most important to voters.

Inflation has reached its highest level in nearly 40 years, according to the latest data. [Source: Just the News]

But what are Democrats in Congress spending their time (and rhetoric) on? A man who isn’t even in office—or up for election this year.

While voters identify economic concerns as top of mind, Democrats are reportedly considering ways to bar Trump from serving in public office again…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… “Let’s hope that we never elect a president who will incite an insurrection on the Congress of the United States.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the 50-50 Senate to support passage of the Democrats’ proposed voting reform legislation as a way to “confront” Trump’s “Big Lie” about the 2020 presidential election. [Source: Just the News]

Democrats are wasting what little time they have left before the midterms to push an agenda to keep Trump out of office. Nancy Pelosi is squandering House resources with her bogus “J6” commission—a desperate attempt to find evidence proving Trump was behind the Capitol Riot.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer in the Senate is trying to use the anniversary of that event to push radical election changes. He claims we need to “cure” America of its ability to reelect someone like Trump, something a deranged dictator might say.

Instead of looking for ways to end inflation, bring back jobs, and lower the cost of fuel, Democrats are still chasing the ghost of Donald Trump. They do realize he’s not running for office in 2022, right? He hasn’t even announced if he will run for president in 2024. Yet Democrats are willing to sacrifice the well-being of the American people over their petty, partisan fight with 45.

Yes, there is a chance Trump will run again. He might even win. But does that justify Democrats today neglecting major crises hurting the country? Of course not. And the American people are watching. They are seeing a Congress and “president” who ignore major problems hurting their families, communities, and bank accounts. And they are not going to look at this Congress kindly this November.

Author: Tom Smith