MAGA Senator Enraged By What Liz Cheney Staffer Said About Him

According to Ryan O’Toole, who is a staffer for Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY) and formerly a staffer for Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (from CA), there were some lawmakers in the House “cheering on” the interruption of the January 6, 2021 Capitol protest, and among them was Republican Congressman Mo Brooks (AL).

During an appearance on CNN this Thursday, O’Toole retold his Capitol experience of the day during an interview with Jake Tapper of CNN.

O’Toole revealed a “range of emotions” during the early minutes of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He said some people were “fearful.”

However, he also stated that was not true for Mo Brooks.

“The sequence of events led to many emotions,” O’Toole said. “When we were on the floor, some people feared for their lives — GOP members, men crying for their safety. As we left the chamber to what seemed like gunshots, to find a safe spot — I believe people were still scared. Staff and members were still scared, not sure what was going on. And so, you did have some people express a different view. One person, Mo Brooks, for example, was happy. He was cheering on the idea that 117th Congress began this way.”

“This was much to the dismay of other lawmakers and aides in the room, and certainly, I believe, does not support the sentiment that this day had,” he said.

In a comment to conservative reporters this week, Brooks, who is also a candidate for United States Senate in the state of Alabama, said that O’Toole’s claim was an “egregious lie” and called O’Toole a “dishonorable gutter rat.”

The comment reads as follows:

“This crazy accusation is total and complete bovine excrement.”

“In complete conflict with his egregious lie, I have made MANY public comments asking for the prosecution of the people who broke the law. If I remember correctly, my first such comment was on Jan. 6, the very day it happened.”

“Once I learned about the attack, my reaction was anger and frustration (again, as I have publicly said on many occasions), partly because this attack and the news coverage around it totally undermined and ruined almost two months of work gathering and giving evidence of election fraud and theft given in the House on Jan. 6.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire