Democrats Do The Unthinkable, Give Away America On Silver Platter

As much as one million noncitizens living in the city of New York will now have access to the ballot box after Democrat Mayor Eric Adams this Sunday approved a law by the city council.

As we reported last Nov., Adams has always supported this move.

“I believe New Yorkers should have a say in their city’s government, which is why I support this crucial legislation,” Adams said in a comment Saturday, as reported by the NY Post.

“While I initially had some worries about one part of the bill, I had a good dialogue with my coworkers in government that put those worries at ease. I think allowing this legislation is by far the best decision, and look forward to accepting millions more into the democratic process,” the Dem continued.

Former Democrat NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had repeatedly cautioned the law will almost certainly get a legal challenge for breaking NY state law.

The law pledges to be a boost for the city’s huge 3.1 million-strong foreign-born population, which makes up around 40 percent of its current population, while also diluting the municipal votes of millions of citizens who live within the city.

Beneficiaries could vote within municipal elections as early as next year unless a judge stops its implementation. NY City is now the most populous city within the United States to give voting rights to non-citizens.

Over a dozen communities within the country already allow noncitizens to cast their votes in local elections, including 11 cities within Maryland and two within Vermont.

The Board of Elections will now draw up an implementation measure by July, including voter registration provisions and rules that would form separate ballots for local races to stop noncitizens from casting ballots within state and federal contests.

The measure allows noncitizens who were lawful permanent residents in the city for 30 days, as well as those people authorized to be working in the country, including so-called “Dreamers,” to help the city’s council members, mayor, borough presidents, public advocate and comptroller.

The NY State Republican Party previously gave a comment indicating it will sue to get the plan tossed out, saying that the state’s constitution is very clear that voting is a right guaranteed only to American citizens.

Author: Blake Ambrose