Another House Dem Retires, Increasing the Number of Liberals Fleeing Congress

Democrats knew they were going to have a tough reelection fight in November. After running the government all last year, most Americans know we are worse off than we were before. And Democrats can’t keep blaming COVID, when most of the crises were caused by their own broken policies. Democrats in the House sat back and ignored the many idiotic things Biden did, focusing on a bogus commission and their toxic spending bill.

Polls and other signs point to the House flipping for Republicans. Pelosi could lose her gavel, as her slim 3-seat majority is taken by the GOP. Her chances got much worse when numerous, long-serving incumbents announced they weren’t running for reelection. Now, we can add yet another to that list.

Another Democratic member of the House of Representatives has announced his retirement from Congress, the latest in a continuing exodus of Democrats ahead of the 2022 midterms.

Eight-term Colorado Representative Ed Perlmutter made the announcement Monday. “After much thought and consideration, I have decided not to run for reelection,” he wrote in a statement published to Twitter…

Perlmutter stressed that he was not retiring because the 7th district, which he represents, was redrawn to be more competitive. [Source: Daily Wire]

No less than 23 Democrats are abandoning the House, putting their seats into a competitive category. Despite what they claim, it looks as if they are leaving because redistricting puts them into new districts, making their reelection bid much more difficult. Add to that all the other signs that Democrats will lose, it’s no wonder so many are jumping ship.

After the 2020 Census, changes in our populations forced states to redraw congressional maps. Many states have Republican-controlled state legislatures, who will redraw these maps in a way that won’t give Democrats a competitive edge. That includes states like Perlmutter’s Colorado, the most likely reason he’s leaving after 8 long terms.

Not that long ago, Newt Gingrich predicted that over 30 House Democrats would flee before the November elections. Well, it looks like he might be right on the money. Pressuring is growing for Democrats to call it quits, especially as moderates feel like they have little chance at winning in tough districts.

Why do I say that? Because the “face” of the Democratic Party has become radicals like AOC and Ilhan Omar. Voters in swing states now believe Democrats are all socialists who push a woke agenda. That reputation is hurting moderates running for House seats in blue or purple states. Numerous Democrats lost in 2020 because of that. And, thanks to Biden’s radical agenda, many more will lose in 2022.

Pelosi’s done nothing to protect her moderate party members, who still make up a majority. She has given more and more ground to far-left progressives, who are widely hated by Americans. This November, a surge of voters could send a powerful message to the Democrats. They will reject the radical policies of Sanders and AOC—and freeze Biden in his tracks.

The only smart Democrats are the ones getting out now, to save themselves humiliation.

Author: Marc Anthony