Democrat’s Election Coup Attempt Gets Them Dragged Into A Courtroom

New York GOP members filed a lawsuit this Monday to stop a new law that would allow illegals to vote in elections.

The lawsuit issued in Staten Island Supreme Court, requests a judge to give an injunction that stops the city Board of Elections and the mayor from “enacting the law in any way” because of its unconstitutionality according to The NY Post.

“The law and the ethics are clear: we should not be allowing citizens of other countries to vote in our elections. We are just two weeks into the Adams Administration and he is already giving in to the radical City Council,” NY Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy stated.

“This suit is the only thing to stop them from their ultimate goal of removing all the lines between American citizens and non-citizens,” he stated.

Plaintiffs in the suit include Republican Assemblymen Michael Tannousis (Staten Island/ Southern Brooklyn), Michael Reilly (South Shore), Robert Holden (Queens), Councilmen David Carr (Staten Island), Republican Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, as well as Councilwomen Inna Vernikov (Brooklyn), Vickie Paladino (Queens), and Joann Ariola (Queens).

“Anyone seeing NY state election law in clear terms can see that it prevents foreign citizens from voting,” said Councilman Joe Borelli (Staten Island), the fresh City Council minority leader and another plaintiff in the lawsuit also according to The NY Post.

The newly elected New York City Mayor weighed in too, saying, “While I initially had issues about one part of the bill, I had a productive discussion with my colleagues in government that put those worries at ease,” Adams said in a comment. “I believe allowing the law to be enacted is the best choice, and look forward to bringing in millions more to the democratic process.” This comment is a direct assault on election integrity and the very idea of citizenship.

This comes at a time when Democrats are losing support in polls in states from coast to coast. Americans are tired of their woke and anti-white narrative and it showing. Since they are unable or unwilling to change their positions, Democrats are resorting to bringing in non-citizens to vote.


Author: Blake Ambrose