Uh-Oh, DHS Reportedly Lost Track Of This Many Migrants In 2021

We can write a book about the many ways Joe Biden’s destroyed our border and eroded our immigration system. And I’m sure some people will. It’s getting pretty hard to untangle the web of confusion Biden’s administration has woven in their efforts to welcome into the country as many illegal aliens and migrants as possible. And that is largely by design. Much like a blitz in football, Biden is trying to overwhelm the United States with an endless flood of invaders—so we can’t do much to stop him.

We know all about the approximately 2 million illegals that crossed the border last year. But we can’t even but sure how many of them remained in the country (shipped to places like Pennsylvania, Florida, and beyond) and how many were deported. Detention centers in Arizona are overcrowded with sick migrants, the government refusing to require them to remain in Mexico (despite a Supreme Court ruling). And that’s not even getting into the tens of thousands of refugees Biden flew in from Afghanistan, many of them without a shred of identification.

Now, we are learning that the geniuses who run Biden’s DHS have lost track of 50,000 strangers—who now roam the streets of our country.

Data released by the Department of Homeland Security show more than 50,000 migrants released by the agency with instructions to report to ICE once at their desired U.S. location have failed to do so…

The DHS report issued in response to an inquiry by U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) notes more than 50,000 migrants — greater than half of those released under NTRs —failed to make formal contact with ICE.

In an exclusive report by Breitbart Texas, the policy change relying on the honor system of self-reporting to ICE went into effect in March 2021. Data released by DHS only addresses the first six months of the procedure in place. [Source: Breitbart]

Well, it looks like Biden’s “catch-and-release” agenda is working as planned! Over 50,000 illegal aliens, who were detained and supposedly facing trial, never reported to ICE. They are now somewhere in the United States, Biden’s administration having no ability to keep tabs on them. This flies in the face of the Supreme Court ordering Biden to reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy, which prohibits “catch-and-release.”

Where are these people and what are they up to? If you are a bleeding-heart liberal, you might want to defend them, thinking they are just with their families trying to make a living. But we don’t know that. Biden’s open border allows drug cartels, human smugglers, sex traffickers, and terrorists to come and go as they please. Are we willing to ignore these 50,000 aliens, when many of them could be very dangerous?

Can you imagine what other countries would do if 50,000 Americans tried to get in illegally and just stay? Trust me, this kind of thing isn’t happening in Canada, France, or China. You just can’t waltz into most countries and expect to stay. They will kick you out faster than you can say “Asylum.” Yet we’re called “cruel” in America for not wanting strangers lurking in our communities.

Perhaps Sen. Johnson and the rest of the GOP should make a big deal about this.

Author: Davey Jones