Watch: Tucker Carlson Mocks Pelosi In Viral “Michael Jackson” Video

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has mocked Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from CA) for a recent eyebrow raising television appearance that was promptly picked up on social media.

Carlson spoke about the high-ranking Dem official’s weird new look, making fun of her as the reincarnation of dead pop star Michael Jackson, who was said to have numerous plastic surgeries.

Some people watching TV this weekend “might have had the shock” of their life if they looked at Pelosi’s interview, Carlson started his segment, with the caption, “Shocking TV Appearance Causes Eyebrows To Raise.”

“Michael Jackson was seen on ‘Face the Nation,’” Carlson stated. “Let’s be clear, this was not a video of Michael Jackson singing in the 1990s; this appeared to be a living person, a version of the pop star that media reports claim died of an overdose over a dozen years ago. And despite these claims, there he was: fully and undeniably Michael Jackson speaking on television.”

“How can this be?” Carlson mocked, adding, “we can only show you what we saw.” The segment then cut to a video clip of Pelosi speaking about Jan. 6, 2021, and ripping into the GOP.

“There is nothing more crucial for us to do than to guard our democracy and our Constitution,” the House Speaker stated on “Face the Nation.” “What the GOP are doing across the nation, is really a legislative continuation of what they did on Jan. 6th, which is to undermine our national democracy.”

“See, that was Michael Jackson,” Carlson stated of Pelosi. “That was him.”

There was no singing of “Billie Jean,” he said, “apparently he has given up singing, now he’s spreading lies about politics.”

Carlson was not done yet, closing his segment: “If you’ve ever watched Michael Jackson, you cannot forget his face, though admittedly, he has had a ton of work done since we last saw him.”

Pelosi recently made headlines when her Jan. 6 “grief session” included Broadway tunes, The Daily Wire’s Tim Meads said:

“For some reason, Pelosi thought it was needed to have Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda and many of his castmates from the show “Hamilton” do a song via Zoom. As Nancy Pelosi put it, artists could only “connect in ways” better than anyone else could and she was thrilled to have them for this somber occasion. The virtual sing-a-long came just before a discussion on how to “protect the narrative of January 6th.” Manuel’s performance didn’t really touch on January 6, but with it came a sort of revisionist history.”

Author: Scott Dowdy