Americans Give Biden Another Failing Grade, This Time on the Economy

Joe Biden promised to handle the pandemic better than Donald Trump. Clearly, this doddering, old Democrat had no clue what was going on. After a few months of lockdowns in 2020, the country quickly started to recover. We watched a “V-shaped” recovery over the Summer, despite ongoing COVID fears and manufactured riots in Democrat-run cities. The country was poised to erase the setbacks made by government-mandated restrictions. And, if Trump’s policies continued, we’d be sitting pretty today.

But Biden took over and immediately passed a bill that sent our economy back into the Dark Ages. His “stimulus” bill pumped one trillion new dollars into the economy, sparking massive inflation. Worse still, he increased unemployment which encouraged millions of people to stay home, just as states were reopening. Add to that a variety of other blunders committed by the administration and you have an economy that’s on life support.

If you were to ask Biden, everything is fine! In fact, it’s more than fine, it’s better than any president’s first year in the last 50 years. Americans are not buying it. And in the latest poll, they are giving him another failing grade.

Only four percent say the economy has recovered under Joe Biden’s leadership, a YouGov poll released Wednesday revealed…

When respondents were asked, “How long do you think it will take until the economy has recovered all the ground lost during the pandemic?” four percent answered the economy has “already recovered,” seven percent said it would “take less than a year,” 15 percent said a year, 22 percent said two years, and 52 percent said two years or more…

Instead of focusing on reducing coronavirus chaos, supply chains woes, and inflation, Biden has directed his attention to destroying election integrity. [Source: Breitbart]

This is a pretty damning poll. Only four percent of those asked think the economy has recovered under Biden. I guess those are rich Democrats who are cashing in on Biden’s American-last, lobbyist-first approach to leading. The majority polled, 52 percent, say it will take two years or more. They are basically saying, “after Biden is out of office.”

The reality is, if Biden continues his pro-socialist, pro-globalist agenda of putting Americans on welfare while shipping our wealth and jobs to other nations, we will never recover. If Democrats across the country continue to push outdated and unscientific measures to control COVID (mask mandates, lockdowns, social distancing, etc.), then we will never recover. As long as corrupt politicians put their own interests ahead of the country, we will never recover.

A glimmer of hope exists in the 2022 midterms. If Republicans are given a majority in Congress, both the House and the Senate, they can hold Biden at bay. He will be unable to pass any more destructive legislation and Republicans could even launch investigations against his past actions. But that is only a stopgap. We need someone who can actually sign bills into law that will help Americans.

And we won’t have a chance to see that happen, until 2024.

Author: Jim Morrison