Biden Creates A New Group To Bully And Jail Conservatives

The Justice Dept. is creating a new politicized group to investigate supposed “domestic terrorism,” and from the first descriptions of the unit it will be very focused on the supposed threat posed by conservative extremists.

“We face a greater threat from violent domestic extremists – that is, people within the United States who want to commit violent acts in pushing of their political goals,” Matthew Olsen, the assistant attorney general of the Dept. of Justice’s National Security Division, said in the Senate hearing this Tuesday.

“We have watched a growing threat from people who are motivated by racial animus, and those who adhere to anti-authority ideologies and extremist anti-government,” said Olson of the group’s premise.

During this same hearing, the FBI’s national security division assistant director went on to pinpoint an alleged serious threat from neo-nazi types to the American public.

“Racially motivated violent extremists pushing for the superiority of the white race or anti-authority extremists … present the top threats,” said Jill Sanborn.

Obviously Sanborn is wrong since it is impossible to be concerned about White Genocide and believe whites are “superior” at the same time.

FBI crime data about hate crimes has actually shown that White Americans are considerably less likely to carry out hate crimes than other racial groups, and among the groups most likely to be the victims in acts of violent racial hatred.

The Dept. of Justice has increased its criminal investigations of citizens that is has said are engaged in terrorism after the January 6th riot, sometimes using bad evidence and painting with broad brushes to categorize conservatives as terrorists. Civil liberties have long found threats to freedoms and rights stemming from labeling political dissent as “terrorism,” with Joe Biden’s Dept. of Justice already having been exposed and caught red-handed for lying to slander conservative parents who are against critical race theory to cater to the liberal anti-white national school board association.

This comes at a time when Americans are growing more and more angry about Democrats’ radical election takeovers, their forceful vaccine mandates, and other policies.

The only thing that Joe Biden can think to do is to get more dictatorial in his actions instead of changing his agendas.

Author: Scott Dowdy